Encyclopedia of Shaolin Martial Arts - 2 Volumes
Co-authored and published by Shi de qian

Release date: October 2006 Language: Mandarin
(No other Language translations are available)

Shi De Qian family name is Chang Qing Wang. To be known name is "Shao Shi San Ren", born in 1943 in Deng Feng He Nan province. He was also nicknamed Evergreen. He was to be the ceremony of proclaiming a Buddhist from child in shao lin temple. He stayed with Shi Shu Xi, his sifu, for six years inside shao lin temple training in shao lin traditional gong fu, studying under Master Sun shu shan. He graduated from Ning Xian Chinese medical school in 1962, then went to Xin Jiang to work as shao lin gong fu instructor and medical doctor, then went back into shao lin temple in 1980 to work as shao lin gong fu instructor and medical teacher, and wu shu association as well. He was given the following name by China government : "Shao lin Gong fu Paladin". Shi De Qian is the 31st generation heir of the master of the Song San Mountain Shao Lin Temple. As of July 2006 he has authored 78 kinds of Shao Lin wushu books encompassing 21 million words. Till now, he has been given the name from the world as "shao lin king of books".  In addition to mastering the shaolin martial arts Shi de qian learned the art of acupuncture, chi kung bone treatment, and he also excels in Lo han Chuan 18-eighteen style, Hei hu Chuan, Yi yin Ching, and he is also an accredited chinese herbalist.

Co-authored by Shi De Yan
(who contributed many of it's treatises)

Shi De Yan family name is Qin Yan Xu. She was born in 1962 in Shang Dong, and training shao lin gong from childhood. In 1982 to assist sifu Shi Shu Xi she co-authored Shao lin gong gong fu dictionary, Shao lin Ruohan Quan, Shao Lin Qi Gong, and other Shao Lin wu shu teaching books. Now she is Vice Secretary General of the China International Shao lin Joint Association

(Note: These books are only available in the Mandarin language
and no english or other translations are contemplated)


Consisting of two large volumes, with over 2300 pages of shaolin history and diagrams and drawings (as well as photographs) showing traditional shaolin martial arts forms, or quans, and includes both traditional shaolin body and weapons quans. This is a true work of art and is highly-treasured and recognized by northern China Shaolin monks as the most definitive publication of their gung fu system.

Shi De Qian has the very highest skills in the shaolin temple, and still writes many of the shaolin kung fu books, and with the help of his sifu, Shi Shu Xi, has written about and published the secrets of the Shao lin system for posterity.

Following are some examples of drawings and photos found in the encyclopedia

Shaolin Temple

(Ancient drawing of training in Shao Lin Temple)


One-finger standing exercise

Two-finger strengthing exercise, chopping, stretching, meditation

Shaolin cane

Showing application of quan

Long stick

Long stick application



Body /hand quan

Body /hand quan application

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 Note: There are no english translations of the encyclopedia available.

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