Application/Tuition/Academy Rules

Scroll down this page to find the academy application form, tuition prices and academy rules.


Step 1:  If you wish to attend training at the academy please complete this form in detail and click on the "Send Form" button below.

Step 2: Either Mr. Che, the academy's manager or an academy representative will email you to let you know your application was received and Non-refoundable reservation fee is to be paid, at which time you can return here and click the button.

Step 3: Once your application form and Non refoundable reservation fee have been received Mr. Che will will email you to advise you of the next step to follow regarding sending a copy of your passport and securing your visa.

Paying the Non-refoundable  reservation Fee: Mr. Che will send you details on how to pay via PayPal.

If PayPal credit card payments are not available in your country, you may wire the fee to the academy's bank account in China. Money orders and demand drafts are not acceptable.  Send the wire transfer (IN US DOLLARS) to the following account:

Beneficiary Name: CHE WEN LONG Bank Name: Bank Of China Ji Lin Branch Si Ping Sub Branch ACC: 163602169897 ADD: 18 Ying Xiong Da Jie Si Ping Ji Lin province P R China Swift: BKCHCNBJ840 TLX: 83006CCBOCC CN

Note: Please be sure to read the rules you must adhere to while you are at the academy.  Click on your browser's "Back" button to return here again.

Note:  It normally takes 4 to 6 weeks for the academy to obtain and process the forms to mail or fax to you to help you secure your visa, so to allow yourself enough time, you should submit your application form at least 2 months before the actual date you want to begin your training.

Mr. Che will help you with any questions you may have regarding sending you a letter of invitation, extending your visa while you are in China, and so forth.

If you have any questions before applying please E-mail them to Mr. Che.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do not type your email address correctly in the application box below we will not be able to reply to you.


All fees, other than the student's Non refoundable reservation fee which is paid along with the application form (i.e. administration fees, tuition, room and board) are to be paid in Euros,  Chinese RMB or in U.S. dollars when the student arrives at the academy. The academy also has a POS machine that accepts visa and mastercard. The charge from bank is 0.8% for each transfer. We recommend students pay via bank tranfer to the academy's bank account before coming to the academy or pay in cash when students arrive at the academy. We suggest students take extra care to keep their wallets and purses safely with them when travelling or eating or staying in public places, etc.

TOTAL FEES (Effective April 15, 2014)

NOTE:  If you feel you might not be accepted due to a physical/mental condition or for some other reason, Email Mr. Che to find out, first, before submitting the Academy Application Form and paying the reservation fee.

In order let more trainers have opportunity to learn Chinese traditional Kung fu, academy make lowest offer.

  • One-time non-refundable Reservation Fee (paid along with submission of the Academy Application Form): $150.USD.
  • One-time Academy Administration Fee paid when the student arrives at the Academy: $150.USD
  • Monthly Tuition Fee - paid when the student arrives at the Academy: $150.USD.
  • Monthly Room and Board: $200.USD - paid when the student arrives at the academy (includes meals, lodging, hot showers, training equipment such as mats, pads, etc.).
  • Academy escort service from Chang chun airport to academy : $100.USD.  Escort from Siping train station to the academy is free.
  • ACademy Environment

Note: Students attending the academy for longer than 6 months must purchase a major medical insurance policy to pay for major illness or injury the student may incur while in China and provide a copy of the policy to the academy when the student arrives at the academy. Students who cannot find temporary major medical coverage on their own before coming to China must purchase an annually renewable accidental injury only policy when they arrive at the academy, issued by a China Life Insurance Company.  The premium is $100 USD.

Note: Except for the the payments shown above, there are no other administrative, tuition, or other fees.  Of course, students are expected to pay for their personal needs like toiletries, use of academy washing machines, clothing, gifts to send home, etc..

Since no one can know the future state of the economy, the academy's rates are subject to change according to inflation and the cost of living in China.

Refunds are not given to students who book for 1 month, or less.  If a student (training for more than one month) leaves the academy for any reason, they will be given a refund of their remaining payment.  Students can decide their length of stay after spending a few days of training at the academy before paying for the full desired training period.

Minimum payment is for one month of training, even if the student wants to train for a shorter period of time.

There is no montly-financing available for long-term students (the full year's payment for training must be paid up-front at the beginning of each year).

Note:  Payment for everything is due within the first week of the student's arrival at the academy.

For short-term students (3 months or less) - if any fees are refunded no refunds will be calculated per-day for tuition.  However, regarding food and accomodation, the charges will be calculated to the exact day and the resulting refund will be made available for the remaining paid-for period.

For students who are staying for one year or longer at the academy there is a one-week break in their training during the annual nationally-celebrated Spring Festival holiday which occurs from January 24th through January 30th in 2012. There is no refund for the spring festival period. During the holiday period students can choose to stay at the academy and relax, continue to practice what they have been taught, return home for the holiday period, travel, etc. .




At our facilities, we wish to keep a positive environment that will nurture our students growth and help them to develop themselves in the best way possible.

No person is welcome at the academy who

  • Is lazy and unwilling to clean up after themselves regarding their living quarters and/or personal hygiene
  • Is unwilling to participate in classes or will not follow their masters instruction
  • Who lies or who attempts to cover up for another student who has lied
  • Is unfriendly or insolent to others (to students, teachers, or any other person) or presumes to be better than other students in any way, or who tries to create disharmony between others, for any reason.

Note: If the academy manager feels for any reason an applicant or student does not meet the academy's requirements or learns of anything he feels would not be in accordance with the academy's rules or ways he may reject the applicant at any time; even if the applicant or student had earlier been accepted.  The academy is not responsible for any expenses an applicant may incur on their own behalf to prepare for training at the academy before they actually attend the academy or for any other reason.

In order to keep the academy's environment positive for the serious students who go there to study, any student without exception who shows any of the above or other negative character traits, deemed as such by the academy's manager will be given one warning before being dismissed from the academy, no refunds (of any nature) will be made to the student or whoever may have paid their tuition and/or other fees for them.

When a student leaves the academy grounds, whether it is to go to the nearby villiages, city of Si Ping or on a short vacation away from the area, they must sign out and provide information as to where they are going, contact information, the reason for absence and when they will return. The acadmey insists upon this for the students personal safety in case they may run into any difficulties while they are away from the academy. With this knowledge the academy staff may better know where to find their students and provide assistance to them in any way they can.

Like any academy or organization, our rules and disciplinary actions are subject to change. A copy of the main rules and disciplinary actions will be given to students upon their arrival so they may be aware of them.

Students may bring their laptop computer, but may not use it to view or communicate with hate sites, porn sites or use it for online gambling, use it commercially or to send spam e-mail through listservers or for hacking sites . . . or for any other unsocial, immoral, or illegal use.  Abuse in this area could be cause for confiscating the computer or dismissing the student from the academy or both and in some instances if the activity of the student is not allowed by the chinese government criminal charges with resulting severe penalties may ensue.

Regarding male and female cohabitation: there is no cohabitation or sexual activity allowed at the academy regardless of whether it's boy and girl-friend, fiance or spouse.

Gambling, Drugs (including marijuana) and alcohol, or visiting prostitutes in villages or towns when the student is away from the academy are prohibited. Breaking these rules will mean immediate dismissal from the academy and a forfeiture of 20% of the balance of fees paid by, or for, the student.

No religious activities are allowed, other than personal prayer before or after training times so the student's training is not disrupted.

Students are not allowed to have animals, birds, or other pets at the academy. If you wish to care for pets, there are three dogs at the academy that you may care for. The reason we do not permit additional pets is for when a student leaves the academy, they will leave the burden of additional pets upon the academy staff and remaining students who may not wish to take care of them.

By submission of the Academy Application Form and by their attendance at the academy, each student agrees to the above rules or conditions.


Siping City Shao Lin Martial Arts Academy License

(English translation:)

The two top lines of characters in gold print show the school is run by local people of the people's republic, China.  The numbers on the upper right-hand side are the certificate number and the license number.  The character in front of the second number means Si ping City Education Bureau and the character behind the number is a licensing code.

The 5 lines in the middle show: Siping Shao lin Martial Arts Academy, Si Ping City Ye He Ancient Castle, Principal: Che Wen Long, 9 years education.

The Seal (or chop) on the bottom right side is the Si ping City Education Bureau's seal and the characters beneath the seal show the renewal date.



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