Shi Yan Long


Shi Yan Long,

Shao Lin temple 33th generation disciple. He was training and learn from Shao lin temple from 2002 Shi fu is Shi Yong Xin the abbot of the Shao Lin temple and honor Shifu Shi Xing Kuo who is Academy’s manager. He was gained San da golden plate of He Nan province Martial arts circle alliance championship in 2005, Gained Sanda Golden plate 52KG South 5 provinces in 2011. Now, Teach San da and are head coach of martial arts in our academy. His disciples in our in our academy gained "2016 Jilin Province San da championship" One Golden plate, three copper plates.


Shi Yan Liang

Shi Yan Liang

Shao Lin temple 33th generation disciple.

He was gained silver plate of shao lin cudgel in China wu shu competition in 1998.

In 2001,He was gained shao lin broardsword routine forms Golden plate in china wu shu  competition.

In 2008, He was gained Goleden plate of Shao lin Quan forms in China Wu shu competition.He expert on shao lin gong fu quan series forms, weapons.

Now he teach in our academy to be shao lin master.He is National level "Dan wei" martial arts referee.

Yao Zheng Jia

Yao Zheng Jia ,

Taekwondo black belt 7 degree. He was learning Taekwondo 2002 to 2008 from Korean master in Da Lian Lioa Nian province. He was silver plate owner in Yan Bian Taekwondo championship in 2008, He was gained golden plate in JilIn province Tai kuang dao Championship in 2010.

Now, be a master of Taekwondo in our academy.


Shifu Li Shun Xiao

Li Shifu was born on July 19th, 1952 in Shanghai. Since he is extremely passionate about his practice, Master Li has not missed a day of training in over 50 years. He started learning Shaolin martial arts at age 8, studying under his master Feng Xui Chin until age 11 when he moved with his family to north eastern China. Although he did not have a master to train under for some time, he diligently continued the practice of his martial arts and developed his skill through solo practice and sparring with the other youth in the area. When he was 24 years old, he found a Baji Quan master to study under while he was working for the railroad. This master was Long shifu, an honoured master who taught at this academy in years past. After some time Long shifu became sick and could not teach for a while. So, he found his second Baji master: Wang shifu in 1982 and studied under him until 1992 when Master Wang introducd him to his next Baji master Qi Shifu. Both Masters Wang and Qi were students of the famous Huo Dian Ge, bodyguard to Pu Yi: the last emperor of China and also the martial arts instructor of the emperor and the imperial bodyguards. Hou Dian Ge was also the first of three Tu Di ( traditional disciple ) of an even more famous Baji master named Li Shu Wen, also known as "Spear God Li" whom was famous for his quote "I do not know what it is like to hit a man twice". Each of Li Shu Wens three Tu Di went on to become bodyguards for important heads of state. Asides from Huo Dian Ge, there was Li Chenwu; bodyguard to Chairman Mao Zedong and last but not least, there was the youngest of the three, Liu Yun Qiao; a secret agent to the Nationalist Kuomintang, instructor to Chiang Kai Sheks' bodyguards and bodyguard to the president of Taiwan. It is by the reputation and deeds of these great masters that Baji became known as the bodyguard style.

Under the tutelage of such a fine martial lineage, Li shifu carries on a level of skill that is reflective of the many great masters before him. He is a kind and patient man, valuing hard work, good morals and dedication to ones practice, he will encourage you to always practice harder, most times with a wide smile and hearty laugh.

In 2004 Master Li returned to Shanghai to study and master Wing Chun. Over the years, he has also studied and become proficient at Pi Gua, Xing Yi and tens of different weapons forms, even including the rake. Currently at the academy, Li shifu also teaches one of the legendary Qi Gong forms that originated in the Shaolin Temple: The Yi Jin Jing (Tendon Changing Exercize) which is known for building a flexible, strong and healthy body.

Master Li is ranked a sixth level in the Chinese Duan Wei system, passing his exam in 1993. He won a championship in the City of Si Ping in 1998 representing Baji Quan, in the same year he attended a performance in Chang Chun representing the railway workers. Li shifu stresses the importance of the real life application of martial arts in his classes, many of the drills he teaches help to build skill and proficiency in traditional martial arts.

Li Shifu

Li Shifu was born on March 16th 1993 in the birthplace of Tai  Ji ( Tai Chi ); Chen villiage (Chen Jia Gou), Henan Province, where he was raised.

When he was a young boy, Li Shifu, was born with weak health and stature. Due to his poor health he was usually left out of the games that other children would play. His parents enrolled him in Tai Ji classes at age 6 to make friends since it is the most popular activity in the area.

As an amazing stroke of luck, Li shifus' first and only master was to be the Legendary Wang Xi'an, who is currently one of the Four Kings of Tai Chi in China and considered the equal of the great Chen Zheng Lei. As Li Ten Ling Practiced, he slowly overcame his shyness and emerged from his shell. As he gained confidence, he discovered that he had quite the talent for Tai Ji and continued to work hard and develop his skill.

Li shifu has entered many competitions over the last few years and has won many medals. The victories he could recall off the top of his head started at age 9 when he won a silver in national competition for Tai Ji 56 form in the adolescent group. In 2004 he won a gold medal in a national competition for the Long Fist and a silver in Tai Ji sword in addition to gold medals won in a 2008 for the  52kg division of Tuai Shiao (wrestling) and again in the same competition in 2009 for the 56kg division. 

Li Ten Ling was able to use the skill and focus that he developed through Tai Ji practice and put it into other endeavours as well. His leaping/tumbling and tricking skills are quite good. He also was the captain of his basketball team from the first year of jr. high, all the way through the last year of his sr. high school, it is safe to say that he can work his way around a court pretty well.

While he is aware that he has done quite good in the skill that he has cultivated, Li Shifu realizes that he has so much further to go. Chen Tai ji can be mastered in 10 years of hard practice, but the path a martial artist takes is a long road that will truly never end, but what one learns along this path is well worth the effort.

"I feel that self consciousness and realization within are very important", Li shifu exclaimed when he was asked what he felt was important about martial arts practice, "Tai Ji is important in developing this when it comes to how in depth one will journey into their practice."

"There is an unlimited inner spirit to Tai Ji, I feel that I know the surface, but must always work to understand more, as should we all." Li Shifu continued, "Do not let this discourage you, for it may at first, just remember what all of your hard work in practice has achieved thus far and continue to walk along your path and discover new places."

Du Shifu

Du shifu was born on November 11th, 1994 in the area of Si Ping. He started his training in this academy at age 8 as his parents wanted him to be strong, healthy and to have a chance for a better future. In the Late spring of 2013 he was granted a position as a master here has been doing so since.

Over the years Du Shifu studied under many great masters like Zhang Xiao Gao and Long Shifu. When Du Shifu was asked of all the masters he studied under, which one he respected most, he replied that it would have to be Mr. Che. Over his time studying here Mr. Che has been the one who was around most consistently and shown him many things that he learned from when he trained at the Shaolin Temple.

Du shifu has won a few medals in different competitions, but was most proud of the gold that he won in a competition held in Si Ping. When he was in his early teens, he went with the academies performance team to put on displays in Viet Nam, India and Indonesia, as well as a few other countries.

Presently, Du shifu is in change of the academies youngest students, his classes focus primarily on basics so the children can build a strong foundation to one day become excellent martial artists. Du shifu knows many forms and breaking skills (hard qi gong), but his speciality is the Shaolin Dao. He is currently a level 4 Duan Wei in Shaolin Martial arts.