• Merry Christmas ! 2018

    Christmas is a great festival of the year and it is also known as the ‘Feast day of Christ’. It is celebrated as the Christmas Day every year on 25th of December. It is especially celebrated by Christians with great enthusiasm and joy. It is the birth anniversary of great Jesus Christ, who is believed as the Son of God by the people of Christian religion. It is a cultural holiday which is enjoyed by everyone. It is the day of big importance for the Christians. People do lots of preparations much before the festival and decorate their homes with lights, decorative items and flowers.

    The celebration of the Christmas starts about four weeks before the Christmas Day and ends on 12th day of the Christmas. It is celebrated all over the world as a religious and traditional festival. The tradition of celebrating the Christmas varies from region to region. People distribute gifts, Christmas cards, organize feasts, sing Christmas carols and songs on the occasion.

    Our academy foreign students stay together for happy!

  • Kung fu competition hold on August 21, 2018 in Chang chun

    2018 Kung fu competition content Wu shu "TAOLU", Weapons, Wing Chun, San da, Taiji quan forms, Baji quan forms, Shao Lin Kung fu. 520 competitors join in this Championship.

    Our academy's disciples won two Golden plates, five silver plates, six Copper plates.

    Congratulation !


  • Web site live again

    Our web site suffer hard time in the past two months. Now it live again. Thanks Tao! and Buddha !

  • Web site update from April 252018

    In case our academy's web site is broke on it's application form link. So we can't received any application form now. So we are searching a designer who can maintian this problem。

    if you have any questions or enquiry, just send email to



  • Spring training in hard

    We have new web site today. The old one we used for 23 years. but this not enfect our training at all. We will join San Da and kung fu conpetition in June,. Everybody will come up to heavy training !

  • Shoot a film

    Beijing madia LTD will shoot a film in academy areas. There are more than 100 actors and workers join in this film.They will live in our academy for about two weeks.  The film name "Dong Ge Story" 

  • Yu Chu Han gained San da Championship

    December 12, 2016 Jilin Province Free sparring Championship, Our students Yu Chu Hang gained 56KG Golden plate championship. We have other three students gained cupper plate. Congratulations !

  • Merry Christmas !

    We will have very wonderful Christmas EVE and Christmas day in our academy. Students including domestic students will have game and show your singing skills, dancing skills and other game to make fun and happy. Academy will provide the Christmas gift to the students.


    Merry Christmas !

  • Our Academy authorized Duan test point

    Our academy was authorized by China wu shu association to be "Duan" test point of Siping city areas in 2012. So our students have very good change and convenience to have “Duan” level degree certificate if you could past examination. It'svery benifit for us don't need go to Chang chun city handreds Kilos away to have examination.