• Heating system working.

    The beautiful winter will be coming from November, So academy will be heated our room and two training halls when the temperature getting down in the end of month. Foreign students and domestic students better to wear warm clothes when you are in outside. Weather forecast said it will be less snow than last year. It's petty ! We can just share bright weather and sunshine.

  • New website

    We have updated our website with more photos of the school. See the school page at the top for some phenomenal views of the area around the academy.

  • Christmas EVE 2015

    Our academy have very perfect Christmas both chinese students and foreign students. Let's see bye bye 2015.

  • 2015 Baji Communication Competition Results

    This last weekend on August 29th, 5 of our students who study Baji Quan took the trip to Chang Chun so they may compete in the 2015 Baji Communication competition, which is a provincial level competition that draws several hundred competitors. Li Shifu, whom is our academies Baji master was confident that all of his students who competed would place in the top of their categories, he was right once again.

    In order to save time so the competition could be finished more quickly, age groups of competitors were bundled together. While competitors were still competing in their respective age groups, they were also competing against people from other groups as well to see who was the best representative in their chosen category.

    In the age group of 10 to 15, our Chinese students Li Hong Lin and Liu Ji ha competed in single fist form categories presenting the talou, Da Baji ( A form/kata from the Baji Style ). Liu Ji Ha placed first winning a gold medal and Li Hong Lin Placed second winning silver.

    In the mens group ranging from age 16 to 55, our foreign students Luke, Ossi and Thomas competed in the single fist form category as well. There was over 50 competitors in this category which gave this division much depth. In the end, Thomas placed first amongst all competitors, winning gold for his age division (31 to 35), Luke placed second amongst all competitors, winning gold for his age division (21 to 25) and Ossi Placed second in his age division after Luke, winning silver (21 to 25).

    In recognition of their skill, they were approached and congratulated by the president of the Jilin Wu Shu Association even before the rest of the mens group was done performing.

    Li Hong Lin and Liu Ji Ha also competed in the partner talou division as well, displaying Baji Duai da. They won gold in thier age group and outshone all other pairs regardless of their age group.

    We would like to congratulate them in thier accomplishments but also give credit to their master, Li Shifu. Their success would not be possible if it were not for his guidence and true skill.

    Congratulations to our students, continue to train hard and harvest great skill. 

  • Summer News Letter

    Summer season is near its peak here at the academy. Cicadas sing their rhythmic tune from when the sun rises and hand over the chorous near sunset to the crickets, whom take over for the night. The cranes who have made their home in the shallows of the lake can be seen flying behind the academy and the valley and mountians are covered in a lush green from the pine trees, corn fields and the rice paddies. The heat and humidity that builds (between 25 to 35 degrees C daily), help to create thunderheads that build into beautiful and stunning lightning storms.

    Students from our academy are preparing for the second major competition of the year that is specific to the Baji Style. 5 Students will be attending the 2015 Baji Communication Competition of JiLin Province. The Foreign students that will be attending will be: Thomas (Canada), Luke (USA), Ossi (Finland) and two Chinese students: Liu Ji Ha and Li Hong Lin will be making the trip to Chang Chun to compete for August 30th. Li Shifu, the academies Baji Master is excited to see his students go and compete, they have worked hard to develop their skill and each one of them has a great chance of placing first in their specific categories.

    The 2015 Baji Communication Competition of Jilin Province is not just a compeitition, but an event to spread knowledge of the Baji style and encourage freinship between the competitors. Several hundred practitioners will be competing in empty handed, weapons and partner Talou (kata/forms).

    The improvements continue to happen around the academy. Most recently the showers have all been rennovated which will allow students to have access to showers 24 hours a day. Hot showers are still limited from 7:30 till 9:30 due to the academies water heating system being run by a boiler, but a brisk cold shower is most welcome to have in the mid day to help keep feel clean, refreshed and deal with the heat.

    The Chinese students have shown rapid improvement in the last few months since the spring when Li, Jing and Wang shifu have arrived. While they are still young, the skill, expertiese and training methods these masters bring from Shaolin Temple, Chen Villiage and Shaolin Tagou is helping the students push through difficult training and reach new heights in their skill.

    As it has already been mentioned, our academies 20th anniversary is quickly approaching and the first step to celebrate this event is a training discount of 20% for 20 years of operation. Mr. Che, the academies owner has more announcements to commemorate this event, but he is keeping them a surprise for October 1st, the official day that marks 20 years of passing the knowledge of Chinese martial arts and culture to people from around the world.

    Till next time: Happy training and travels to you all.



  • Competition Results

    In the Spring Update we mentioned that we would be sending two students to compete in the 'Second Traditional Martial Arts Elite Competition' on May 31st in Dong Feng City within the Province of Jilin. This competition was a provincial wide championship held by the Jilin Martial Arts association to help promote the traditional martial arts.

    Since this competition received far more applicants than there were positions to compete, Ossi was removed from competition, but Thomas was granted a spot and did quite well with his opportunity to compete as the only foreigner amongst all the other competitors, winning a gold medal in his age group for traditional Baji Fist forms.

    We would like to congratulate Thomas on his victory. Through his work and focus in training he was able to achieve a great goal.


  • Spring update 2015

    With the celebrations of Chinese new year now behind us, the emergence of  warmer weather and longer days heralds the start of spring and new beginnings here at the academy.

    The Chinese students and staff have returned from their new year break, bringing many familiar faces back to the academy and a few new ones as well. Our Tai Chi master, Wang shifu decided to return home to her family and teach the people of her area. We wish her the best of luck in her continued teachings and practice, she is truly a great person who brought a ray of sunshine to the people she encountered from day to day.

    To fill the position of  the academies Tai Ji master, our academy founder; Che Wen Long was able to recruit the young and quite talented Li Ten Ling. Li Ten Ling, age 21, was born and raised in Chen Village, Henan Province and started training Chen Tai Ji at the younge age of age 6. Through hard work, top level training under Wang Wi'an and posessing natural talent, he won the first of a few national level competitions for Talou (forms) in 2004 at age 12 ( In Chinese years ) and than in Tuai Shao (wrestling) in later years. He is also quite talented in acrobatics/tricking and knows his way around a basketball court quite well.

    Along With Li Ten Ling, The academy also welcomed two new masters from Henan province;  Jing Keng from Shaolin temple and Wang Biao Kai from Shaolin Tagou, both were students of Liu Kai He and are proficient in both Traditional Shaolin and Sanda ( Chinese Kickboxing ). Both of these masters bring the quality and intensity of training that is expected from a Shaolin master trained in Henan. While they maintain a strict training regimen, they still know when to take a short break and share a laugh from time to time.

    The academy has received its first invitation for a tournament of the new year and is looking to enter The Second traditional Martial Arts Elite competition on  May 31 in Dong Feng City, Jilin Province. This is a provincial wide tournament for practitioners to display and compete in the traditional style of their choosing. Each competitor must display one empty handed form and one weapon form, the tournament is open exclusively for foreign students to compete. Our academy will be sending two students to compete: Ossi who will be displaying Wing Chun and Thomas who will be displaying Baji.

    Improvements continue to be done on the academy grounds and facilities as well, the latest of which was in the arduous task of repairing of the boiler and water filtration system. It took a couple weeks to complete due to its sheer size and weight, but was completed successfully nonetheless. Now with that job completed and behind us, we look forward to a more efficient and reliable water system.

    With the days becoming warmer, brighter and longer, we have seen the return of the migratory birds. I am happy to report that the small flock of red-crowned cranes that nests in the shallows by  the lake has grown from three last year to 8 or 9 that returned this year. It also appears that a pair of hawks has nested in the trees behind our dormitories as well, they can be seen flying above the trees and in the valley throughout the day, this is a good sign that the environment is healthy in the area and improving. The farmers have been quite active as well in the countryside as they till the soil in preparation to sow corn and build up the rice paddies. On an ending note about how the area is doing, it is nice to say that the trees have blossomed in Si Ping this last week, the trees on the countryside should follow suit within a couple weeks, as it is cooler outside the city. When the trees blossom here on the hill side of the academy, you can smell the scent for about a week, it is quite nice. 

    From all of the academy staff, we wish you a great spring and many good things to come.


    Have a good day


    Thomas J. Antonio


    Elder Student

    Northern China Si Ping Shaolin Martial Arts Academy

  • International Wu Shu meetings between south Korea and China Shaolin

    On August 1st 2014 and on the past dates of, July 29th 2005, October 26th 2006 and August 2nd 2007, our academy has been given the great honour of hosting the first and following international displays/competitons of forms (Quan/Kata) between South Korea and China as a goodwill initiative to improve cultural and diplomatic relations between our two countries. In the year 2006 this event was hosted by the South Korea Wu Shu Guard, in South Korea and has alternated in location between China and Korea..

    The first competition that we held only had  200 competitors, but as the years passed we have hosted more and more competitors till this year when we nearly had 1000 martial artists compete in this years event on August 1st. These competitors demonstrated all levels of arts skills popular in each of our countries, ie: Shaolin, Tai Ji (Tai Chi), Korean Tae Kwon do, Hapkido and Kendo amongst other various styles of Chinese and Korean martial arts. Demonstrations included both empty handed and weapon forms. Competitors were masters and students of the Si Ping City Martial Arts Academy, the Korean Wu Shu Guard school and over 30 other branches participating, as well as various other masters and students from North East China.

    In order to show both countries diplomatic support for this effort, government officials from Korea and China are invided to attend these events.

    Usually these competitions do not have any combat or sparring involved because the meaning of these competitions are to strengthen diplomatic ties between our countries, highlighting many many good years of relations between China and South Korea. Sometimes these competitions do include friendly sparring.

    These meetings have increased the goodwill between the peoples of China and South Korea and have included participants from many other countries as well. If Martial arts officials from other countries are interested in holding similar friendly competitions with our academy in order to increase goodwill and diplomacy between their country and China through martial arts, please feel free to contact Mr. Che, the academies owner.

    We would like to extend our example to martial arts schools throughout the world to hold similar goodwill competitions to help improve diplomatic relations between their countries cultures, in order to make the world a better place for all of its peoples to live in peace and harmony.