International Wu Shu meetings between south Korea and China Shaolin

On August 1st 2014 and on the past dates of, July 29th 2005, October 26th 2006 and August 2nd 2007, our academy has been given the great honour of hosting the first and following international displays/competitons of forms (Quan/Kata) between South Korea and China as a goodwill initiative to improve cultural and diplomatic relations between our two countries. In the year 2006 this event was hosted by the South Korea Wu Shu Guard, in South Korea and has alternated in location between China and Korea..

The first competition that we held only had  200 competitors, but as the years passed we have hosted more and more competitors till this year when we nearly had 1000 martial artists compete in this years event on August 1st. These competitors demonstrated all levels of arts skills popular in each of our countries, ie: Shaolin, Tai Ji (Tai Chi), Korean Tae Kwon do, Hapkido and Kendo amongst other various styles of Chinese and Korean martial arts. Demonstrations included both empty handed and weapon forms. Competitors were masters and students of the Si Ping City Martial Arts Academy, the Korean Wu Shu Guard school and over 30 other branches participating, as well as various other masters and students from North East China.

In order to show both countries diplomatic support for this effort, government officials from Korea and China are invided to attend these events.

Usually these competitions do not have any combat or sparring involved because the meaning of these competitions are to strengthen diplomatic ties between our countries, highlighting many many good years of relations between China and South Korea. Sometimes these competitions do include friendly sparring.

These meetings have increased the goodwill between the peoples of China and South Korea and have included participants from many other countries as well. If Martial arts officials from other countries are interested in holding similar friendly competitions with our academy in order to increase goodwill and diplomacy between their country and China through martial arts, please feel free to contact Mr. Che, the academies owner.

We would like to extend our example to martial arts schools throughout the world to hold similar goodwill competitions to help improve diplomatic relations between their countries cultures, in order to make the world a better place for all of its peoples to live in peace and harmony.