Leila Ghomi

Training Period at the Academy: 
1 year
Shaolin Wushu

It is not customary for a human being to enter a place without some expectations and some ideas about the place. I am almost willing to have none after deciding to join the martial arts academy. I hoped for improvements in myself, my body, and my deeds; and for that I trust the academy to introduce me to a life fit for doing so. The thing that struck me the most upon my arrival was the location of the place, high up in green lands with hundreds of shades of greens, wind, birds, and serenity. This alone seems to make thin training experience more satisfying. For me the master is the most important part of the journey. Once in the hands of a good master, all the other hardships of training can be overcome. A master should keep you going, a master should look at you and be able to see what you see and know what you feel. A master should help you teach yourself and transform yourself, and after training with my master I came to trust him unconditionally. The academy has provided us with a communal, friendly place with extra privacy in our rooms during down time. The “translators”, the people who help run the academy, are helpful and have all come to be good friends! The kids are friendly and also there is a lot to be learned by them. Though I have only been here for a short while, this experience so far has been to my benefit. It has given me a chance to see in myself the improvement I hoped for, both towards myself and my surroundings.