Duc Huynh

Training Period at the Academy: 
7 weeks
Tai Chi and Baji

Tai Chi and BajiI came to Siping City Shao Lin Martial Arts Academy on the end of Dec to mid of Feb. I came here as the man without any knowledge about martial art. I join the Shao Lin team for a week but I found out that my body wasn’t good for this type of hard training (I am in my 30s). I decided to join the Tai Chi and Baji teacher. He is amazing sifu. His Tai Chi is like slow moving water. His Baji is very powerful and fast. In only a short period of time I learn 2 Tai Chi form, 2 Baji form and 2 Qi Gong form (this is the very good form to practice in the morning). I left the school to go back to Canada with a lot of knowledge about the martial art but I still couldn’t say this is the best school to recommended to my friend or my family to come and learn martial art or not because I hadn’t no other school to compare with. After a month in Canada, I couldn’t stop myself to think about other martial art school to go to in China. I finally decided to go to WuDang Shan to check out one of the famous Taoist school. I supported to stay there for 3 weeks but I left early because I didn’t like the food there and the way they taught there. The food at the Siping City Shao Lin Martial Arts Academy was 10x better than Wudang School. The room at the Siping City Shao Lin Martial Arts Academy was leaner and bigger than Wudang. School. I stayed in Wudang School around 2 weeks and I learnt only 1 form (2 moves in one day). With the same amount of time, I could learnt at least 2 forms or more at the Siping City Shao Lin Martial Arts Academy (This is not applicable for everyone so if you can’t learn 2 form in 2 weeks please don’t claim on my statement here. This is only the comparison for myself. It’s not for everyone. You can maybe do 3 forms). Also it does very pollute at Wudang. I was barely seeing the blue sky. At the Siping City Shao Lin Martial Arts Academy, I can see the blue sky almost every day and a beautiful sky full of stars at night. The most important thing is it’s 2x more expensive while I was in Wudang. I left Wudang with a lot of disappointment and decided to travel around Asia for a few months then flew back to Canada. Suddenly my niece wanted to come to China to learn Shao Lin Martial Art for her summer. I first took her to the original place of Shao Lin in Henan for her to visit and if she liked it, we could stay there for her summer training. We stayed there for two days and we didn’t like it because it had too many tourists, too noisy, too pollute, the food wasn’t that good, the room was 2x smaller than the Siping School. I finally decided to take my niece back to Siping City Shao Lin Martial Arts Academy for her training. She loved the place so much. She liked all the sifu, all the Chinese kids, all the food, her big room, the people work at school and all training that she had. She told me if she doesn’t have school, she will stay here longer. She is in the Shao Lin team and I am still continuing with my Tai Chi and Baji now. We are both very happy with this place. So far all the school which I went to check out, this is the best school.