Jeremy Charles Weinick

Training Period at the Academy: 
2 months

My stay here at the academy has been epic. The shifus herethough are absolutely amazing and their teachings were beyond my expectations. Shifu Li is the baji shifu and I have been learning from him and he is the best. He not only teaches you the form, but many applications of the same move. His strength and speed is inhuman and even morn impressive cause of his age. He has been doing it for 40 years so you know he is amazing at what he does. The new shaolin shifu is also outstanding and his > kong fu looks super human. If someone was to come here for shaolin he would make you better than even imagined you could. The sanda teacher is also quite great. His sanda looks great and he kicks harder than any man his size although I think his teachings are a little slow and I didn't take it for that reason. I only had a month left when he got here and didn't feel like I would get that much out of his class as others because of the speed. I do get his point in you can't learn sanda that fast but we did it a week of just foot work and would of liked to have hit more. Maybe correct vs more when doing sanda but the man is amazing. I think with a little longer of teaching that he will be an amazing teacher. The tai chi shifu is also amazing even though gone for the moment. His tai chi is second to none and his heath makes me a lot more apt to take tai chi when I get home. He works with you whether you are young and want to lose weight so he will push you hard or if you're older and need more rests he will do that too. The biggest plus to this place is the shifus. They are the thing that would make me want to come back. The translators are good here which is good cause the shifus speak almost no English. When I first got here the only translator was Lee. His english is in my opinion the best but they always have him do things so he was always busy but by the end we got a lot more translators with good english and this made classes a lot easier. I am really glad they were here. Like I said my stay here was really good and I love this place and the shifu's make me really want to come back. This is a martial arts academy, not the temple, so if you are coming here to train with monks in a temple I would not come but if you want to train with top notch shifus this is the place to train in.