Sascha Matic

South Africa
Training Period at the Academy: 
1 year
Shaolin Wushu and San Da

I came to the academy with no prior martial arts experience, but it wasn’t long before I had learned many great things from the different shifus here at the academy. The training is though and regardless of your fitness level you will feel strain in your muscles and bones. During my stay things have changed a lot at the academy (for the better) and the training is even more serious plus there is free internet and we can tell the chef what food we want to eat. If you expect all the luxuries you have at home you shouldn’t come to China to learn martial arts. You must be willing to make huge personal sacrifices, only this way you can make the best out of your stay. The academy has everything and more than you need to learn great martial arts skills plus the environment is perfect. The academy is located outside a rural farming village and the landscape is beautiful with no pollution or distractions. The winter is difficult because I am not used to the cold but I still enjoyed it, I can recommend coming anytime of the year.