Deane Searle

Training Period at the Academy: 
August 1, 2012 for 3 months
Shaolin Gungfu and Tai ji quan

I planned to train kungfu in China since I was about 13 years old. Now, at 22, I'm extremely happy I chose this academy for my stay. Not knowing entirely what to expect, I arrived with an eager and open mind. I was quickly satisfied and instantly began enjoying the training. After my relatively short stay here, I've realised how much I've learned. This is due to the great skill and teaching methods of the masters. Aside from passing on their extensive knowledge of kungfu, I also found the masters to be amongst the nicest and funniest people I've ever met. That isn't to say the training isn't taxing though, whatever your current level, you will leave the academy fitter than the beginning. All sorts of training is utilized including doing stairs carrying buckets of water, calisthenics, weight machines, barbells and more. Add to that, the location is beautiful and serene: a truly fantastic area to train in, or simply admire. The food is also great, and the loddings spacious and comfortable. This all adds up to a pleasing and rewarding stay. I came here to broaden my skills in the martial arts in preperation for my eventual movie career. Also, Because learning kungfu in China has long been a dream. I predict that no matter how long you stay or who you are, you will leave the academy an improved person in some or many ways. But, perhaps most importantly, you will have fun and a truly, unforgettable experience.