Sam Walsh

Training Period at the Academy: 
September 2, 2012 for 2 months
Kungfu and Baji

My two months spent living and training Martial Arts at the Siping Academy will forever be a memorable experience. This academy offered fundamental aspects for which I believe to be traits of a healthy male. Physical endurance was constantly challenged and overcome. Mental focus and clarity was found with the combination of placing the mind in control of the body. And the actual rest between training with meditation and the solitude of being nestled in the Northern China mountain scape. My purpose for coming here was to acknowledge and nurture two fields of personal development. One being a new physical endeavour, which was achieved by scoring well in two monthly tests of my chosen Art (Shao lin and BaJi), and the other being, space away from my country of Australia to allow movement to cultivate thoughts, to then journal and write a few projects. Fellow students aided in the enjoyment of the time here. Everyone arrived with different purposes and from a different land on Earth. All the moments lived here and at Siping City to recharge the batteries and enjoy relaxed time away from the academy, meant that upon reflection, I'll be returning in a few days with my intentions met, and a fond memory of the staff, students, the rambunctious and wonderful Shaolin boy's, my two Shifu's which gave much time and respect with patience to the task at hand, and the food, which gave plenty of sustenance between rigorous sessions.