Michel Lamarche

Training Period at the Academy: 
1 year
Shaolin Gong Fu

Siping City Shaolin martial arts academy is an opportune place to learn. It is located atop a tall hill with a serene lake around its base and set at a reasonable distance from SiPing to make access no hassle and far away enough to keep away the distractions of city life and allow for tranquility. Also this makes the stars appear to shine that much brighter. Chinese classes are taught here, from a great teacher whose grasp of english is on par with most natives and shows considerable insight into the origin of misconceptions in lingual matters, making the learning process that much more fluid. Also the people here in china are hospitable, good natured and always ready to welcome a stranger. The only down side could be said to be that practically none of them speak english. As for the food; It will be a rice experience, with a quite diverse assortment of side dishes to accompany. To be honest its really quite wonderful but don't be under the misconception that it will be the food served inside your local chinese takeaway because its not. Now to the subject of desire: WuShu or martial arts. The masters here have a surplus of experience in their respective fields enabling the easy assessment of your skill. Once you have a grasp of the basics this will become important in deciding which respective martial art you choose to study; the path of your learning for the fastest progress. In my experience each day is filled with hard work and is rewarding being able to see the progress you make. I do recommend this place to anyone who wishes to learn, as it is what you give not what you get that will further you.