Jiri Bittner

Training Period at the Academy: 
November 2012 for 6 months
Baji and Winchun

During my stay at the academy there were many improvements regarding training facilities, Internet room and connection, cooking with fresh vegetables, steamed vegetables and chicken, so that everyone's needs are satisfied. Shifu Lee is very attentive to his students and trains us with passion and commitment that makes us desire to learn more and more. Combination of Baji and Winchun is very enjoyable and beneficial for practical use. There is a big variety of training possibilities for trainees of different levels. During the time of my recovery from injury, Lee shifu very willingly treated me with acupuncture and cupping, for that I am very thankful. He is an ideal example of a great martial artist with admirable stamina and skills. I am very happy that I came to this place. It is a unique experience.