Stephen Wyka

Training Period at the Academy: 
Januay 2012 for 6 months
Shaolin Kungfu

After 1.5 months here I am having a great time! I love the training, the shaolin training is tough but not too tough. It is a great balance of hard work and rest. The shifu really knows how to balance hard work and rest. He also knows his Kung Fu and can show it off at any time. Although having a translator present in the training hall is really helpful for learning the new techniques. The food is amazing, I am eating way better than I did at home/college. Each meal leaves me full and refreshed ready for another training session. The rooms and beds are better than I expected. They are large /spacious and feel comforting. You can decorate how you like which is nice, making it feel more like home. The bathrooms are nice and clean, washed twice a day. There is a washing machine but it cost 1 yuan for each piece of clothing which is not bad at all, it is actually really cheap compared to any washing machine in college. I personally wash my own clothes by hand which is fine and quite relaxing. The showers are nice and warm, especially with the new boilers. Overall I am more than satisfied with my stay here, everything is just great. The appearance and style fit the experience of learning Chinese Kung Fu. I never expected much, but got way more. I would be perfetly happy if nothing changed. I came for this type of environment, it teaches me self-disipline, patience, and gratitude. It makes me see how I have too much at home and how I don¡¯t need all of that to be happy. With the intenet being a little slow it teaches me to be patient and to not always be in a rush. I rather enjoy it, it gives me the time to do inner searching, read a good boook or several or find something else to do besides being locked down by a computer. The language class is great. I did not think I would be learning mandarin, but I am glad I am. The place is perfect for my experience here, I love the calm and tranquillity that I find in the simple thing