Danny Kelemen

Training Period at the Academy: 
1 month (July, 2013 - August, 2013)
Wing Chun

I arrived at the academy with no prior experience in martial arts. 
When I came across those giant red doors, this is where it all began. 
Although I stayed only for one month. I trained hard every day and I 
am very happy with everything I have learned. I trained under Li 
Shifu. He is an amazing teacher with a lot of experience. He starts 
his training day while everyone is still sleeping. Even though I was 
doing Wingchun, you can still ask your master to go on the 10-15 km 
bucket runs in the afternoon and come back to training afterwards. 
Shaolin groups do buckets and runs many times so you can go with them. 
I suggest people who came here train hard and seriously because time 
flies by very quickly and the masters will appreciate it if you train 
hard. Last thing I want to say is that the food is really good at the 
academy and if you want extra fruits. You can get them in the village 
near the academy.