Supawat Vitoorapakorn

Training Period at the Academy: 
One Month (June 15th - July 14th, 2015)
Shaolin Gong Fu

I am a high school student applying to colleges. It's a crazy time for me. Located far from many distractions, the Academy provided me the much needed isolation to think and reflect. Each training is tailored for and with the individual, so regardless of your fitness level, training is definitely not easy, but ultimately most rewarding. Along with strength and flexibility training, my coordination was also pushed by training Shaolin Gong-fu. After two weeks, I was able to preform and hold stances that were once impossible for me. For my one month here, I've learnt Shaolin from Wang Shifu, and also from the younger Chinese students. I've learnt Wing Chun from another foreign student, and also a little of Baji from hanging out with Li Shifu. Here, if you want to learn something, there's always a great teacher around. Most recommended, and I will definitely come back for more.