Alysha Dowden

Training Period at the Academy: 
1 year (August 2014-2015)
Shaolin Quan, Baji Quan

I came to this school nearly eleven months ago, intending to stay a year. Many people told me I was crazy for committing to a year without testing it out first. However, I have no regrets. I have met some incredible people and experienced many amazing things. If you let it, this place will push you to become stronger physically and mentally. I am training in Baji Quan. I could write several pages on how amazing Baji is and why I love it. However, Li Shifu is the main reason I like Baji Quan as much as I do. He is a great Shifu (Chinese word for master) and a great teacher. Li Shifu is passionate about training and I see that every day. He is incredibly knowledgeable and skilled. I am positive I haven’t even scratched the surface of what he could teach me.  

    An average day is very full. You have up to 8 hours of training every day. The training is what you make of it. If you come here ready to learn and try your best, you will learn a lot. Most of the classes starts with a warm-up run and stretching. Then you move on to the training usually it is forms or PT. In all the styles besides Sanda you will be learning various types of forms, and weapons. Everyday there are two free training sessions where you choose what you want to do, which many students use to weight train. 

    I am not going to say much about the food and accommodation because that is what other people mostly write about. Since I have been here the food has gotten better. The rooms are fine, and the view is beautiful. Transportation between the school and SiPing is simple and there are always people here to help you with anything you need. SiPing is not a beautiful city, but I like it. It has character and it is easy to get what you need if you know where to go. The street food is ominous looking but delicious (for the most part).  

    I highly recommend this place to anyone.