Kevin Muller

Training Period at the Academy: 
3 months (May-August 2015)
Shaolin Gong Fu, Wing Chun

I'm a graduate student who wanted to do something crazy and different before starting my PhD so I came in this academy. After 2 months, I'm very happy to make this choice even if I had nearly no experience in martial art and I wasn't used to do sport on a daily basis.

Since I didn't know which martial art I wanted to do, Sun shifu proposed me to do Shaolin, so I started Shaolin. Sadly, it was too difficult for my untrained legs so Sun shifu taught me Sanda... I didn't like it so I did Wing Chun for 1 month with Li shifu. I have to say that he's very experienced and motivating. After this period, I was strong enough to start Shaolin again. In short, the training can be adapted to your skill level and strength and it's easy to switch between martial arts.

About the other aspects of the academy, the place is really nice, people are very friendly and the weather isn't an issue for the trainings. The meals were improved greatly recently so, now, they are very tasty.