Matthew Smedley

Training Period at the Academy: 
One month ( July 2015 )
Baji Quan

My only regret about my month at this academy is that I only attended for one month. No ammount of time here would be too much, but you cuold easily spend too little. If you think one month, or three, or a year is "enough", I am sure you could spend a decade here and be learning something new each day. That is the depth of the Shifus' knowledge and experience.

I chose to study Baji QUan under Li Shifu. He speaks no english and can teach entirely through demonstration. He teaches more to those who wish to learn and can give you a complete understanding rather than just showing you the motion. Li Shifu will also tailor his teaching to your ability level, length of stay and is always available and willing to teach.

The grounds are fantastic, the accomodation is fine and the food is excellent.