Enrique de la Cruz Martín

Training Period at the Academy: 
Jun 6th - Sept 26th, 2016
Wing chun, Taiji Chen style forms, Sanda

In the top right corner of China lies the recondite town of Yehe. And if you dare adventure yourself into the castle on top of the mountain you shall find the place that you are looking for.

In the short three months that I have been here I have been able to grasp the surface of the Chinese culture. I have been able to learn to enjoy life from a different perspective.

Don’t get me wrong this is a martial arts school and if what you are looking for is physical extenuation then you will find just that. All throughout the week there is but time to train, eat and rest. The weekends are at your disposal to do as you please, might that be stay in bed or go to the nearby city.

I came to this school with the intention of learning about Chinese martial arts and to further improve my Chinese and I leave with a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

You can choose to learn one of the many disciplines offered and all of the teachers are dedicated and more than willing to help you out or to adapt the exercises to you in the case that you may need it. No matter what you choose to learn you will learn a lot and be amazed by the amazing feats that the little Chinese kids are able to perform.
I would most definitely recommend this place to anyone that is in love with Chinese martial arts and that wants to surround themselves in them. The place is in the middle of nature and is far enough from the daily routines so that you can breathe deep and relax. Whatever your reason for coming here this place has a big potential