Rodriguez Romero Irene

Training Period at the Academy: 
September 2016 to December 2016
Wing chun, shao lin ,San da

Name:Rodriguez Romero Irene                  


Period of stay: September 2016 to December 2016

I am a spanish girl who came to the Siping City Martial Arts Academy last week, and even if I have only been a week in the academy, I can say some good things that I liked till the moment. The people are nice, the rooms are really big and we have a desk and an armchair to put our clothes. The food is really good, I am very happy with the dishes that I have eaten by the moment. The training is good, you can choose between shaolin, sanda, taekwondo or ban ji and concentrate training on it every day. The first days the training is being hard and I have pain in my legs, and it is admirable how the kids train every day and the things that they are able to do. There is a man, Franky, who is here to help us foreigner by translating chinese and helping us with our needs. By the moment I am happy, and I expect good things of my stay here.