Kwinton David Smith

Training Period at the Academy: 
One year
Win chun, Taiji quan forms, Baji quan forms

  I’ve trained in martial arts for about 8 years now, in a Karate school for 6 and independently training in MMA for 2. Karate opened my eyes to the complexity and richness that is Martial Arts, as any should contain richness of culture, history, effectiveness, and teachings. That being said, I have come to understand the Chinese Wushu at Si Ping Martial Arts Academy to be no different. This was made apparent within a day of my arrival. While I may be experienced in the world of Martial Arts, I would confidently recommend this school to not only those adept like myself, but to beginners who are interested in starting. Sure, some classes appear to be more difficult than others, but the teachers will work with you and are great at their job. There’s a lot to learn here, from the soft and meditative movements of Tai Chi, the effective protective movements of Wing Chun, and the absolutely beautiful movements of Shao Lin, just to name a few. I often find myself marveling at other student’s training as the arts here are pleasing to watch. There has never been a dull moment in class, as many classes take place within the vicinity of each other, allowing you to absorb a vast amount of information within a class period. It takes determination for anyone to learn a Martial Art, but here, with the rich culture and beautiful landscape provided, you will find it to be less difficult and more fun and enlightening than most other experiences offered. The academy itself is gorgeous and is located on land with a sensational view of the sunrise and is located next to a lovely restaurant and some shrines that everyone needs to visit at least once. I’ve attended a lot of Martial Art schools in my time and this one will become one of my more recommended to others. -Kwinton Smith